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Ryan O'Rien

Musician. Performer. WRITER. Gentleman pirate. Papa bear. Doer of things when they need to be done. Flier by the seat of various pants.


Ryan is many people and the sounds reflect that.

When time began, Ryan was an actor. And he still is at heart. These roots pop out in his music today, heavily seasoned by Shakespeare.

An attempt at learning jazz theory was made eons ago. What survived was a love of the saxophone and primal rhythms.

In the eon after that, Ryan explored his Irish roots, learning such traditional instruments as the tinwhistle and bodhran.

Finally, wanting to make more noise, Ryan picked up a guitar and now he does, um, what he does.

If you asked me to describe my music in just three words, I'd say that's a stupid question and excuse myself from the interview.

Ryan O'Rien


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